The Photon Belt is raising OUR Frequency as WE approach the Galactic Dawn

Our DNA is being “upgraded” as we approach the Galactic Dawn within the Photon Band, occurring approximately every 13,000 years at each half of the 26,000 year, Procession of the Equinox.

  BELIEVE IT~! frequencies/

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Homo sapiens to Homo Luminous – Galactic Dawn in 2012? In Layman’s terms.


“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” ~ Richard Bach

With all the hype and hysteria surrounding 12/21/2012, or the alleged end of the Mayan long-count calendar, what is this most likely all about? Are we headed to a higher dimension, a higher consciousness or to oblivion?

Well let’s start with,

Cycles allegedly coming to a close:

Solar cycle 24

The 1,350-year solar system cycle (next stop, 2025!) 5,125 year cycle

a 26,000 year Mayan Calendar cycle

a 26 million year Earth cycle (Precession of the Equinox)

a 78,000 year Earth cycle (part of the 104,000 year cycle known as the “Long Wait” see: Hopi Legend – end of the 4th world) &/or Urantia)

a 125,000 year “Ice Age” cycle (see &

and a 186 million Galactic year cycle (

Speed of the Earth in Orbit

“Orbited by its companion, the Moon, the Earth travels at more than 65,000 mph (105,000 kph) covering millions of miles each year as it journeys through space.” “The earth moves around the sun in an oval track, that has an average radius of 93 million miles, at a speed of 18½ miles a second.”

Period of the Sun’s Orbit around the Galaxy (Cosmic Year)

Cosmic Year “The Galaxy is so huge that the Sun requires 230 million years (or, from around 187 million to 250 million years – 140 miles per second or 450,000 mph) to complete one orbit around the Milky Way’s center.”

Speed of the Milky Way in Space

These measurements, confirmed by the Cosmic Background Explorer satellite in 1989 and 1990, suggest that our galaxy and its neighbors, the so-called Local Group, are moving at 600 kilometers per second (1.34 million miles per hour) in the direction of the constellation Hydra.”

Speed of the Expanding Universe: (although there are “rivers” of galactic groups that are travelling faster than other galactic groups):

166,204.366 mph (NASA’s Spitzer space telescope).

So, we are flying at incredible speed, relatively speaking. And, this speeding through the cosmos is fairly indiscernible to mere mortals. Then, there are numerous cycles that are allegedly synchronizing to the upcoming solstice, like the Precession of the Equinox. This is the time it takes our planet’s equatorial plane (due to its axial wobble) to regress one full cycle along the solar plane (ecliptic). The total cycle is approximately 26,000 years (likely 25,800) with the Earth “moving” around and through the houses of the zodiac.

Incidentally, when compared to religious symbolism, remember that before Christ, Earth was in the age of Aries (the Age of War, Fire and the Ram or lamb) and Biblical symbolism was evidenced in the Old Testament with references like “Abraham sacrificed a ram.” Jesus was the lamb and ushered in the Piscean age. The word Pisces means Fish, and is a time where “Sagittarius is on the midheaven.” Jesus was a fisher of men, walked on water and turned water to wine. The next age is the Age of Aquarius, or as Hopi believe, the Fifth World. Some astrologists recognize those born under the astrological sign of Pisces as a soul at the end of their spiritual journey through the third dimension – i.e., Earth-badge earned, last time to shed the mortal coil.

“What is special about the Age of Aquarius is that not only is it a ‘good’ Age, but it is also during this age that our solar system is going to be inside the photon belt. Every 10,684 years, our solar system enters this belt of photonic energy for a period of over 2100 years, usually during the Ages of Leo or Aquarius. When it was last in Leo, Atlantis reigned supreme in a Golden Age. Photon energy is divine energy or what the bible calls the Holy Spirit, and which comes from the center of Creation and is stepped down to the galactic, solar, planetary, and individual levels. We will in effect be reconnected to our divine source.”

And, a Galactic dawn is upon us! That is when our Sun is in line with the Galactic center, and when the axis of the Earth is in this line. It’s an ascension, so prepare to grow some light wings! I believe it is a time where those who are negative will have a difficult time making the crossing, so fight those seven deadly sins, be positive and pray for all the sacred blessings as are your birthright.

I’m no scientist, and my original theory was that the black hole at the center of the galaxy no doubt has an electromagnetic “Hadley Cell” (convection current) effect along with associated “energy fluxes” – no doubt penetrating to the earth’s core. Along with the dust storm our solar system has entered (dubbed the G- (or Galactic-) Cloud) see: which is exponentially intensifying in density, no doubt there’ll be an uptick in fireballs and meteorites as our solar system/Kuiper belt/ort cloud allegedly crosses/crossed the galactic equator. I’m not so sure this theory is without validity as we have seemingly had an uptick in fireballs and meteorites.

Interestingly enough though, “(t)he Galactic Plane transit model asserts that our solar system’s passage through the matter-rich galactic plane every 32 million years provides sufficient gravitational flux to disrupt Oort cloud comets. This idea is similar to “disk stripping” of globular clusters’ outer stars, also thought to occur due to passage through the galactic plane. …. This model fails the predictions test. A group of extinctions should line up on 26 or 32 million year intervals. No such grouping is observed in the fossil record, although gaps of 26-32 million years are sometimes observed between extinctions.”

It’s not the end! “The Galactic Orbit model succeeds in predicting all of the major impact/extinction events as well as the long, relatively quiet times in between.”

However, evidence suggests something is heating up: “Apr 6, 2011 … Big Mystery: Jupiter Loses a Stripe & two swirling storms on Jupiter as they collided to form a truly titanic tempest;” “Jul 6, 2011 … the storm system, which occurred during the start of Saturn spring, grew in size and intensity, eventually stretching around the planet;” and, “Nov 19, 2011, the Saturn storm is more like a volcano than a terrestrial weather.”   And, now Japanese scientists are predicting a “quadra-polar” sun on May 20, exactly half way between the Spring (Vernal) Equinox and the Summer Solstice.

In conclusion, the Mayan may have seen the future time – the winter solstice in 2012 – as a rebirth, a day to witness a rise of a cosmic cross that life embodies, that opens a channel of cosmic energy that will reprogram our DNA to a higher level of consciousness, much like the story of the butterfly.

“Perhaps the most undeniable evidence supporting the concept of a torsion life-wave or Photon Band of universal creative consciousness energetically directing the spontaneous formation and development of Earth species comes from Tim Harwood, who calls attention to one of nature’s more miraculous phenomena. After caterpillars form their chrysalis during metamorphosis, it is a little-known but very relevant fact that they completely dissolve into a soup of amino acids before reassembling into butterflies.

This soup contains no recognizable cells or DNA as it is currently understood, but when the time is right, the torsion life-wave signals the DNA to recombine and, within a matter of days, cells emerge to create new life-forms.

Wilcock concludes that the human species, somewhat like caterpillars entering metamorphosis, is currently “being programmed by the galactic center to become more advanced while … still here in our bodies.” This is made possible because the DNA molecule is like a programmable piece of hardware … so that if you change the energy wave that moves through it, the jumping DNA will encode it into a completely different form.”

I believe this music is appropriate to the message:
You’ll need “Rhino Skin” (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers):
To understand the “Miracle” (Cheap Trick):
And, for a moment, perhaps everything will be all right in the world and we can look into each others “Mystic Eyes” (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers):

You see, I had a vision-dream where I was a luminous butterfly, one of about of a hundred flying in the formation of a gigantic luminous butterfly, and as I flew to my position in the tip of the lower left tail of the very lowest point of the butterfly’s left wing, I noticed about a half-dozen other such butterfly formations all hovering in space with the Earth below.

Shortly after my vision dream, and posting such to a news group I belonged to, the largest crop circle to date appeared in Holland:

And, if it hasn’t dawned on you yet, I’m an ascensionist!

Come fly with me!


Recently, I have stumbled upon yet more cycles that might require a separate post at some point, but I will put here in the meantime:

Cycle of “Lawler Events:”

Cycles of Empires:,45,_10.htm

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“Bond Event Right Now”: All Of The Solar Cycles Are Coming Together

Written by F. Guimaraes

We know too little about the Sun, despite all our efforts since the XVII century, but one thing is strikingly evident from all these studies, i.e., the cyclic nature of the solar radiation and its obvious,frozen mandirect influence on Earth’s climate, with scales from few years to many thousands of years.

It seems that these very cycles are telling us that the new Ice Age is coming.

“We are entering a Bond event right now, the 8th event since the Holocene climate optimum, all interglacial periods terminate on either the 7th or 8th event relative to the 5th eccentricity cycle. This is where we are heading right now…”

All of the cycles are coming together – see:

22yr Hale
179yr barycentric
1450yr Bond
23,000yr precession
25,800yr plane
100,000yr ice age (when all solar-planetary cycles converge as they are now)…”

“Bond Event Right Now”: All of the Solar cycles are coming together

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